Best Indian Cooking Tips

Here, our focus is not in better cooking tricks alone, but also how effectively use simple things available at home for other uses like cleaning, preserving etc. as well. Even though their usage looks simple, at times it saves a lot of trouble like item number 40 quick curd making in an hour.
This page also contains tips to enhance beauty with natural ingredients and other useful tips for day today life.

-Add little honey in the cake mix, cake will be tastier and will not crumble when cut.
-Add Banana to chapatti mix, chapatti will be softer and tastier.
-Add a desert-spoon full of curd while mixing chapatti dough to make chapatti soft.
-Cutlet will not crumble if little corn flour added to the mix.
-Food cooked in Iron vessels supplements iron to the body.
-Put one or two paddy seeds in honey to preserve the honey for longer period.
-Wrap bakery items in butter paper to keep them fresh longer.
-If bread crump is not available for cutlet mix then add semolina (Rava).
-To get potato cooked faster, add little lemon juice to it.
-Add little coconut oil to stale ghee and boil it to make it better.
-To make Poori crispier, add little corn flour to dough.
-Put a whole red chilly in coconut oil to keep the oil fresh longer.
-Metal vessels are better cleaned with the mixer of salt & tamarind.
-Add black pepper powder fried in ghee to the pancake mix, it will not stick to the pan.
-Beat egg with cauliflower to make it tastier.
-Beat egg with a spoonful of milk to make it softer.
-Beat egg with corn flour to make it softer.
-Use a buttered knife or dip the knife in boiled water to cut the bread, it will not break into -smaller pieces.-
-Potato stays fresh longer if some garlic is kept in the container.
-Add a tablespoon full of vinegar while boiling potato to preserve its white color.
-Rice cooks in less water if it kept soaked in water for some time.
-Color will not change if lemon juice applied on cut apple.
-Add equal amo-unt of peanut to the chutney mix to make it thicker and tastier.
-Grind Saffron with little sugar before adding to the preparations to preserve its color.
-Sandwich stays soft if wrapped in butter-paper.
-Before beating the tamarind in Mixer-Blender soak it in water for sometime, it will not stick to the blades.
-Keeping lighted candle nearby prevents spreading the smell of fish frying.
-Marinating chicken in Ghee & Sugar mix gives good color and will be tastier.
-Milk will not overflow while boiling if little ghee or butter is applied at the rim of the vessel.
-Marinating Fish in the mix of Lemon, Vinegar & Salt makes it tastier.
-If Curry is too spicy and hot add little coconut milk.
-While cooking green-peas add 3 or 4 drops of vinegar to preserve its green color.
-Purity of honey can be tested by putting few drops in water. If it reaches the bottom without mixing with water, it is pure.
-Boil cracked egg in the water added with vinegar; the yolk or white will not come out.
-Add salt to the water and boil the water first before putting egg to boil, egg will not crack.
-If egg is fallen on the floor, sprinkle salt over it and clean after 15 minutes, foul smell goes away.
-To separate Egg Yolk and white, power it into a funnel.
-Grind boiled potato and add it to the soup to make the soup thick.
-Fish absorbs Masala & Salt faster if mixed with lemon juice.
-To make curd in an hour, add juice of one-half of a lemon to still warm boiled milk.
-While cooking cabbage add a piece of crumbled bread to reduce its unpleasant smell.
-There will not be foul smell if ginger added while boiling cabbage.
-When dry fish is put in water to reduce its salinity add some paper also.
-Cook vegetables added with a tea spool full of sugar to preserve its color and to make it tastier.
-Adding crushed onion to preparations makes it tastier than adding cut or sliced onions.
-To remove fish odor from hands apply lemon juice and wash in saline water.
-Sprinkle yellow power over green chilly & keep it in a glass container to preserve for longer period.
-Apply lemon juice on cut papaya keeps it fresh longer.
-Jam can be softened if its container is dipped in warm water.
-Eyes will not water while peeling onion, if taken from the fridge.
-Eyes will not water if hands washed frequently, while peeling onion.
-Add 2 teaspoon full of lemon juice in jam preparation to set the jam quickly.
-Mushroom Poison Test: Boil mushroom added with garlic, if the color of the water changes then it is poisonous.
-Apply kerosene on hands while cutting and peeling raw jackfruit to prevent its wax sticking on hands. Odor of kerosene will not be there when cooked.
-To remove odor from Kitchen-Sink wash it with hot water mixed with vinegar.
-To remove odor from kitchen vessels wash them in lemon juice mixed water.


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